Friday, 12 May 2017

Bag Making

I'm not a big bag user. I've never been one to buy a lot of bags and switch them out depending on the outfit of the day. I tend to find one I love and then use it till it falls to pieces before starting the search for another one. Which is why I was surprised last year to find that I really love making bags.

This year I signed up to Voodoo Rabbit Sew Bags club so that I could really learn the ins and outs of bag making and conquer piping once and for all.
The first bag was this little Cutie,  the Day Bag by Nicole M Design.

I made my bag out of a Brocade which was challenging  and the interfacing for the bag really didn't stick all that well. But as I couldn't find the fabric I had set aside for this one at the time, I just grabbed something I thought would work. It turned out pretty well and came together really easily and I love it. I use this little bag every day. It's the perfect size for my Necessary Clutch wallet, My keys and my phone.
I wish I had popped a little zip pocket inside this one and I may still do that, I will definitely be adding it to my next one. As I have found the fabric I originally wanted to use for this bag, another one of these is on the project list.
But considering that the brocade was just a last minute thought, I'm really happy with it and what I thought would be my tester has become my everyday bag. The black and silver brocade goes well with just about everything.

Friday, 12 February 2016

some stitching...

A while back I subscribed to the Elefantz Stitchery Club. Every month Jenny sends us a beautiful group of stitcheries to keep us busy for the month. The December and January club designs are a lovely set of months of the year. I have decided to make them into the quilt, designed by Jenny and included in the January month's instructions.

Unfortunately I am behind and still working through the December group of designs. I am really enjoying stitching these they really are so sweet.
You can find the details for The Elefantz stitchery club on the Elefantz blog here

Monday, 28 September 2015

an update

It's been a crazy difficult month!

Finishing up at work, which I am thankful for as it truly was one of the hardest places to work, so I am loving not having to go to work everyday with people that don't like me or appreciate the work I do. But saying goodbye to good friends was hard. I know they say you can keep in touch, but it's never the same. Am I right?

Then there was that trip to Cairns which I have always avoided doing. I left 20 years ago and I really thought I would never go back. But it was my 20 year high school reunion and I have 2 dear friends I miss a lot. I'm not sure if it's the shared history or the fact that they just 'get' me, but I've never really found anyone quite the same.

Cairns was wonderful, sort of. Conor came with me and we did the whole tourist thing. Which for us meant we drove a bunch of places and listened to music and took heaps of photos. We did on occasion stop for lunch or coffee but for the most part we hung out together. And we got along quite well.

Then there was the reunion! And I guess it was like every high school reunion everywhere.
Everyone was there...

  • The hot guy that all the girls had a crush on.
  • The guys from the football team that you were always slightly in awe of.
  • The earnest girl who always wanted to be popular but never quite made it.
  • The girls that were effortlessly popular and still are, because they are just genuinely nice.
  • The girl that could look you up and down in high school and make you feel less, still could.
  • The quiet guys that had found themselves and were confident men.
  • The guy you should have married.
  • The ones that had had a hard time and their stories broke your heart.
  • The girls that looked askance at you because they didn't quite approve of you and probably still don't.

I had mixed feelings about going. I was excited to see some people and terrified to see others. I spent the first hour on my phone talking to friends on Messenger and asking my son to pick me up. But we all had a few drinks and it was a really fun night. And I'm happy I went.

For the rest of the trip, Conor and I continued our holiday, visiting all the attractions and taking so many photos, that I will share in a later blog post. And I was so happy I had handled the trip without upset, coped with all the memories and was relatively unscathed...
Tuesday saw us at the Lagoon on the Esplanade reading our books and waiting for our flight home and that's when it happened, all the emotions hit and I started crying. I didn't want to go!
I cried for nearly 3 weeks, I was a basket case.

So this month has been difficult, there have been some great highlights, the cruise, National Conference etc but mostly it has just been incredibly sad.
But I'm finding my way back and today I am listening to my son sand the beams for the patio and looking forward to finishing the renovations, going back to work and changing the world.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Skulls and Pink dots

I was really excited to see last Week’s Quick Quilt Saturday project. It’s a project that has been on my To Do List for a while, so I finally had a chance to set aside some time to make it.
It was based on this tutorial from Pattern Pile – Sew a home and away cable organiser. The instruction were very simple and I had to read them a few times through to make sense of them but I am really happy with the end result.

Because I wanted to hang mine in the study I decided to stitch the little pouch to the organiser so it didn’t fall off if it was full and the snaps were not strong enough to hold it on.

I love that it rolls up, so it will be so useful for travelling, I should have no problems keeping track of all my cables and adaptors.
I really wanted to finish this project on Sunday when I was making it and I couldn’t find a buckle anywhere to use, or ‘D’rings r in fact anything suitable, so I cut these giant ‘D’rings of a particularly ugly belt I found hanging in my wardrobe. Bonus is that because it’s so big, it’s nice and strong.

And because I love Skulls, and I’m in a bit of a pink ‘n’ black ‘n’ white mood, I made this one out of some skull fabric I picked up on my last trip to Voodoo Rabbit, Ky has the most stunning fabrics, and if you are in Brisbane it really is worth a visit.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Watching: Doctor Who Season 1

 Image result for doctor Who season 1
love Rose, this guy is definitely not my favourite doctor though

Reading: Book of the Dead from they Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell

Listening: the sound of the crickets outside

Making: this sweet little embroidery from Faeries in my Garden

Feeling: tired and overwhelmed, I've reviewed and edited 100 docs since end of February

Planning: on having a good night sleep

Loving: spending time on my projects

Friday, 5 December 2014

On men, love and dating.

I know this is supposed to be a happy craft blog but....

Last night I found out the guy I've been seeing has been living with some one for the last few months. 

I'm ok, I feel hurt of course. But mainly I feel like a dick.

I feel stupid because I bought all the lies he told me. That he was studying and could I wait till December when he had more time.  And then there were the stories about the custody dispute, he didn't get to see his daughter, that made me feel sad for him. He was very good at these lies.

But what really pissed me off is that I feel stupid.  Like I should have worked it.  But I'm here to ask you how? How the hell should I have known? I'm a kind, generous and trusting person. Is that a fault? Should I be suspicious of every man I meet?  This is what my friends tell me, even the men. One guy at work today told me that men will just say anything to get what they want.  This guy is a highly paid professional manager. wtf!

So I stalked him on Facebook and I found out everything was a lie. And worse his partner seems sweet, and I feel so sad for her. I sent her a message to tell her, but I've deleted it.  I do think she has a right to know, but I don't want to get involved in some messy domestic. Cop out?

So I'm not going to feel stupid, that I trusted him and believed in him. That is who I am and I like the person I am. I'm not going to change (well I may be a little more cautious). And I'm not going to feel stupid for being lied to anymore. 

And I'm not going to treat every man I meet with distrust and suspicion, I've met some really wonderful men in my life(I just haven't dated them). Afterall my brother and my son are both lovey men that I respect and trust. And I have cousins and uncles that I absolutely adore.

I'm going to be thankful I found out what sort of person he is, before I married him ha ha.
And I'm going to embrace the person I am, dry my tears and quite possibly ask out the gorgeous guy that I used to work with.

So the reason for this post what would you do?
Would you have told his partner?
Would you give up on men all together?
Or just use them as sex toys lol?

I'd really like to hear what you think.
Oh and the guy, well he's pretending to have no idea who I am... He's such a dick!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas Bunting

Last month the very generous and talented Jenny from Elefantz offered a monthly subscription for an Elefantz stitchery club. to say I was excited is a little understated. I love Jenny's designs and she always manages to post something special right when I need a little pick me up.
 Jenny is such a generous soul and offers free tutorials and designs almost weekly over on her blog, so signing up for the stitchery club meant I could support Jenny AND also receive gorgeous stitchery designs every month. And all for a bargain price of $6.95 per month. Sew much inspiration.
The first month's design had a Christmas theme and I spent a few days thinking about how I would put the designs together. I eventually decided upon a beautiful Christmas bunting. I used some fabric that I recycled from some pillows Mum was getting rid of. It turned out to be the perfect weight for bunting, it has a bit of a damask quality about it.
 I finally finished the bunting last weekend. I hand stitched the little flags'? on to some red ribbon from my stash and outlined the little flags with my favourite turquoise thread.
At the moment the bunting is hanging on our blind in the lounge room and I see it every morning. It's a lovely hug from Jenny everyday.
My stitching is a little wonky, but I've decided to embrace it rather than redo the stitching.
If you would like some monthly stitchery inspiration, head on over to this post on Jenny's blog and sign up for her little club, I promise you won't regret it. I'm already planning how I'm going to use these designs,  I'm thinking a beautiful set of linen towels...
 Aren't they just the sweetest designs?
The design below actually says 'hope' but unfortunately with my stitching it looks like 'nope'

So head on over to Jenny's blog and sign up for this gorgeous little bundle of loveliness.