Saturday, 13 January 2007

Bon Voyage

Conor is off to Melbourne for a couple of weeks to see his other family woohoo

here he is eating a $5.95 muffin UNBELIEVABLE

and do you all know that your luggage has to be checked in 1 hour before departure time not you, so if your baggage is not checked it means that you get to go on the next flight, i'm so happy i got up at dawn just to drink bad coffee and eat overpriced muffins
Conor is having a great time, he's been out to dinner, got loads of presents and rang me last night to ensure i am taping his shows!!!! Yeah right i have the house to myself for 2 weeks for the first time in 2 years and my priority is taping Conor's shows- i so don't think so
I on the other hand had an ordinary week at work in the arctic freeze that is my corner of the office, hilighted by my friend Jenny returning form leave.
Oh and i had a moment, answer me this why would painters paint the outside of the office doors and put a sign WET PAINT on the OUTSIDE, not on the inside where we all were so yep you guessed it i managed to get paint all over my hand and do you think any one had any turps to take the paint off my hand NOPE, they had drunk it all

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Chrissy said...

$6 for a muffin, that must have been a killer!! Yikes! So glad he's enjoying himself down south, tell him a happy birthday from the Berry Clan when he gets back ok?!

Love and hugs!
Chrissy xx