Thursday, 11 January 2007

Crock Pot mania

Well after much research, thanks girls for your advice i joined the cult. I was hesitant, there is something about eating food that's been cooking all day that grosses me out. i like my food fresh and not quite cooked ( still crunchy) so we compromised a SC and salad for me.

Conor loves the SC and is getting quite good at cooking dinner, when he remembers to turn it on that is - otherwise it's a very slowcooker indeed; but after only 3 days of cooking with it i have enough food for a month LOL

Here's Conor with my answer to the battle of wills that is developing in this house over chores.

if it doesn't work i will abandon all hope and run away. Here's the thing why is it called abandonment if i leave home and running away if Conor leaves.

Ok am off to bed, yeah i know it's the middle of the day but new meds are making me feel queasy
catch ya

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