Friday, 19 January 2007

dinner at Cafe meze

well dinner last night was Greek not Geek phew
for awhile there i had visions of Jenny and i sitting in front of our computers eating pizza and playing Star Trek
so we went Greek, but not my usual Greek - Ouzeri - my favourite restaurant ever
but Cafe Meze, still in West End but without the oil Jenny tells me
so it is unanimous for me it's all about the oil, the food was good but not to die for, but we more than made up for the food in chatter and wine
and one last comment on Cafe Meze, Greek salads do not have lettuce in them

i did however meet Marilyn's son Russell on the way to the restaurant i had to pick up some wine. Russel talked me into a deal, 2 bottles for $22, i think he was keen to get rid of me when i mentioned i was one of his mum's mad scrapping friends
poor Russel, it's always disconcerting to be the child of a scrapper and to wonder just how much this complete stranger knows about you - i see it doesn't diminish with age
for those of you wondering Russel is very much like his Mum and instantly recognisable as her son.

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Chrissy said...

Oh love, I'm so giggling at your meeting with Russel, it's just SOOO true, children of scrappers no matter what age are fair game!! ROFL

So glad you're having some fun sweetie!

Love as always!
Chrissy xx