Friday, 5 January 2007

Hey Debbie just for you!

Hey Debbie Y, look here i am just for you LOL, very plain and bare i know but hey i'm here.
it's been a long time between posts, but i couldn't remember my password in the other blog so can't go back.

OK a quick run down on the year so far, v. exciting happenings in the Cusack Muller household i can tell you LOL.

Friday 070105
i worked for a grand total of 2hrs today, i have a cold which i am sure is due to the arctic freeze our office is in atm, should start warming up when everyone comes back to work but for now brrr.....
I did manage to make it to the Norman for lunch and had a v. nice rib fillet with pepper sauce with a strange concoction on my baked potato and NO sour cream! Come on people what's a baked potato without sour cream I ask you?
Conor is cooking Carbonara for tea and we have the first 4 episodes of Supernatural on DVD, so looks like a quiet night in front of the Telly for me.

Thursday at Chrissy's 070104
a huge day in which i sneezed, Chrissy kindly offered me her tissues argh, she poisoned me they were lavender, sent me into another sneezing fit
Chrissy's lovely daughter Emily is a kindred spirit, we both love EMILY STRANGE, hey Emily i haven't forgotten our date for Harbourtown we will do it!
I pretended to steal Emily's back pack it's so cute pink and black, the look on Emily's face was one of pure horror, i thought she might even hit me LOL.
I had to have a serious discussion with Chrissy, poor Michael, Chrissy is quite taken with her Slow Cooker, she raves about it constantly, fusses over it and once i even cought her caressing it. Signs of one seriously in love!
The boys were all there, and they had so much fun Conor had a lovely time even if he played shooting games much to my horror, he is in love with the size of Chrissy's house.
The lovely Wendie picked us up form the station, I almost didn't recognise her, she has pretty curls happening, her hair is so lovely and longer than i've ever seen it. Julie was there as well and i have more photos of her, i am always surprised at the variety of faces that she can pull.
We had an exciting wait at the train station, are own personal dancing man, Chrissy was horrified that there was a strange man and wouldn't let us go till the train got in LOL I asked Conor if he would like him for his new daddy but i don't think he had much money and he wasn't really a very good dancer.

Wednesday 070103
I worked ugh and Conor made honeycomb and Hagrid got some serious zzzzzs

Tuesday 070102
i went back to work, the office is deserted and like an arctic freeze, i forgot my jacket so was cold cold cold, work was dull and boring and to make it worse i didn't have any batteries for my radio


Debbie Y said...

YAY Cassie, it's wonderful to see you back in the world of Blog (and just for me?? I have to say your life is anything but boring and the way you write is very humorous, I could see you writing a best seller. Well done my friend, I just hope it's not so long till the next post !!

Lee said...

Hi cass, yay, another blog to add to bloglines, great photo of you all!!
Lee :)

Chrissy said...

Yeah right! Like I was going to leave you and Conor alone at the station with the Psycho Dancing Man around! LOL Thanks so much for keeping me company yesterday, it was simply lovely having you and the girls here. :-)

Chrissy xx