Saturday, 13 January 2007

I've been busy

Check out what i've been doing today, iwas going thru my mending box and came across this UFO - so decided there is no time like the present so i've finished it woo hoo (oK i have finished only the top and not the wadding or the backing or even the binding and then there's the quilting ) but i've done the biggest part for me anyway i think i can pay someone to do all the rest

Ok you will notice that i haven't matched all the fabrics well i ran out of fabric so today when i pulled it all out i decided to just finish it anyway with some scraps, but i'm retty happy with it
i'm hungry i have no bread so i'm off to the shop, will have to have a shower and get dressed ugh
why can't the crock pot make bread dammit


Treezah said...

it can make cake so i cant see why it wouldn't cook bread LOL..will see if i can find a recipe of sorts for you LOL..
quilt looks fantastic, i cant sew to save myself

Chrissy said...

Oh Cass love this is so totally gorgeous, I LOVE it!!

We have bread and milk delivered here every second day but I wish the slow cooker could make beds and vacuum! hee hee

scrapmumof6 said...

Great job, Cass. It's going to be such a gorgeous quilt when it's all finished. I've got quite a few of these UFO's floating around. :(