Friday, 2 February 2007

woo hoo it rained

yay it's cooler today woo hoo

i'm having a nothing much kind of day today, can't get into anything v. boring

3 happy Ups - now i promised Susan i would have a go at these so here we go

1. the weather makes me happy, i lov cool overcast drizzle days, comes from growing up in the hot and humid north
2. i bought another pair of jeans that fit me and look Ok woo hoo
3. it's Friday and i have 2 days off and the Feb challenges are out over at Aussie
(dam gotta do the link thing here )
wish i could make it all pretty the way others can BUT oh dear
i can't even work out how to make the font coloured like it udsed to be

have a good one

1 comment:

Chrissy said...

LOL just sing out sweetie if you need a hand with your blog, you know where I am. ;-) As for the coloured text when you are typing in your post highlight your text and click on the little "T box" above the writing. :-)

Love Chrissy xx