Sunday, 11 March 2007

Mum's birthday

and NO camera, first of all i thought i had lost my camera cos i couldn't find it anywhere, i almost cried; then we found it just as we were leaving but the battery was flat argh i couldn't win
so we took Mum out to dinner for her 68 birhtday and we have no photos to remember it by
we went to Bombay Dhaba in West End where the food is divine, we ate way too much, the food is served in these gorgeous little dishes and kept warm on your table with tealights we'll have to go again so i can get a photo to show you all
we then walked up to Ouzeri to have coffee and i had a glass of wine, we sat on the footpath and watched the wonderful world of West End go past
we gave mum a few presents and i did this LO of Bek for her, the photo was a good choice cos Mum loves it

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Chrissy said...

Maybe you could scrap the memories of the day without piccies, you'll do a fabulous job of it Cass. :-)

Hey if you could take a piccy of your mum holding that lovely LO you made her next time you see her and journal about the wonderful time you had together on her special day, that would be a great compromise. Isn't it awful when our cameras let us down!! LOL

Chrissy xx