Monday, 12 March 2007

trumpet teacher

well i'm trying to update a little more regularly these days, well just for Chrissy's sake really cos i do believe you are my only reader LOL

so i think i have found a trumpet teacher for Conor, we are going the private route, he is just not getting inspired by the school teachers
we get to meet Laura on Monday and Bek will be here to ask all the questions (cos the only way i know what a trumpet even looks like is cos i paid for it OH MY that sure is a lot of Basic Grey papers in that little ole black case LOL

OK and for some visual a LO i did

oh and a little bit of news
on Saturday the 17 is St Pattys day as you all (well Chrissy) know, which means the St Patty days Parade through the city
BUT here's the thing there is also going to be and anti IRAQ war protest on at the sametime
so which to go to hmm breakfast and st patty's day one
BUT just what are the logistics involved to pull this one off
oh i'd love to see how they manage both of these
unless of course the protest is by the IS (international Socialists) so it probably won't be very big

or he he my favourite the anti IRAQ protesters will all dress in green and march behind the St Pattys parade

not to trivialise the protest at all you all have my support lets bring our troops home.


Michelle M said...

I am an avid reader Cass, although I dont pop in and leave comments I do read every time you update.. so keep it up!!!!

xx Mish

cass said...

oooh how exciting i have 2 readers LOL

Susan C said...

No you have at least three. I read your blog too.

Good luck with the trumpet teacher. Just think of the number of Basic Grey papers you will be able to buy when Conner becomes as famous as James Morrison.

Chrissy said...

ROFLMHO I am sooooo NOT the only person to read your blog sweetheart!! SEE!!!!! You gave me a good giggle though!! *grin*