Thursday, 9 August 2007

Australia Zoo

So on Sunday Conor and I finally took Malu to Australia Zoo, it was fantastic!
I was the first time i had been as well so we had a great time, i was really impressed with the Zoo, and really think if you get the opportunity you should go it was so awesome

so i thought i would share a few piccies that we took, Malu and i actually took 200 photos between us so quite a lot of scrapping there i think, but i will only share some of my favourites


Susan C said...

Great photos.
I've never been to Australia Zoo, I should go I know.

heike said...

Looks like you had a ball, fantastic pics, Cass. :)

Treezah said...

oh Cass, you should have phoned!! The boys and I could have joined you there!!! oh well, next time. Aust zoo is our all time fave place to go! glad you enjoyed it