Thursday, 16 August 2007

last birthday EVER

It's my birthday!!! and i am


so i figure if i never have another birthday i will stay 39 FOREVER lol, well that's the theory

we had a fantastic afternoon yesterday so much food and a great time was had by me and i think everyone else

I got lots of pressies will share a photo later

i only have 3 photos cos i didn't take any i was way too busy but Courtney, Malu and Amael had their cameras so i will get photos off them all tomorrow when i go to work

but i do have 2 photos to share ok may be 3

this one is the gorgeous cake Conor made me it's a chocolate Hedwig, served with RED jelly, Gianni pointed out that this cake was quite disturbing especially as we were eating him poor old Hedwig!

but didn't Conor do a fantastic job and he tasted so good!

then i have to share this photo for Chrissy

Guess who i got to have a cuddle of Chrissy?

can you guess?

Can you?






yep it's Asha!!

and Michelle i'm so mad i don't seem to have the photo of the 2 of us in our matching outfits LOL

did someone else take it oh i hope so
So that's it no more birthdays oh but i do hope i still get pressies!!


heike said...

Happy birthday, Cass. Sounds like you had a fantastic day. Looove the Hedwig cake Conor made for you. :)

Treezah said...

I'm so sorry that we couldn't make it I had to work AND my car is STILL in the panelbeaters. so much for only taking 3 days they've had it nearly 2 weeks ARGHH...but i get it back on friday!
I hope your day was fantastic (well it sounds like it was). I did think of you a few times wondering how it was going!!

Susan C said...

Thats a terrific cake and you look like you had a fantastic time at your last birthday ever.

Debbie Y said...

So sorry I missed it Cass, if the kids weren't sick I would have loved to be there. It sounds like you had a great birthday. I am sending you some belated birthday wishes, I know I'm late but Happy Birthday!

Chrissy said...

Oh you are just a young'un Miss Cass (some of us have the scary F word birthday coming up sooooooon! ROFL) Work was so blah especially when you're wishing your are elsewhere having birthday cake with a sweet friend instead!! Love ya heaps Cass, hope your "last" birthday was the absolute BEST!!

Hugs babe!
Chrissy xxxx

PS That is truly naughty sharing that bubby pic!! LOL I haven't even had a cuddle yet!!! Wah!!! LOL

Michelle B said...

Hmm not sure who took it, but it will be there I'm sure once you go back to work. So glad you had a good party. Oh funny thing - Caitlin asked me this afternoon "Mum what's a Hedwig?" So of course I ahd to explain it to her. She suggested you should have had a vanilla cake to make Hedwig white, but I did tell her that the cake just had to be chocolate!

Thanks again for inviting us!

Tassie Deb said...

Oh Cass - sounds like you had an awesome birthday Sweetie. Love the cake - Conor did real good :)

The big 4-0 isnt that bad

Luv 'n hugs
TD xoxoxo