Wednesday, 19 September 2007

hang and toilet talk - way too much information

what a day, seemed to be endless
i had to give in and finally take Conor to the Doctor and he had to go on antibiotics which really sucks and i got a lecture cos i keep forgetting to get his seratide refilled bad mother AGAIN
of course i missed my connecting bus and because i had to go to the toilet i ducked into the museum

aside( ok BCC - brisbane City Council- design note when you decided to spend millions of dollars on the freakin bus way where did you think we would go to the toilet huh, i mean it's ok after 10am cos the museum is open and at night i can mix with the stars at the Lyric theatre but what about if it's before 10am ) anyway enough of my rant

so back to the museum and the word prompt at HSMS for today was hang and there were literally millions of things hanging in the museum that i just couldn't decide what to photograph for you all but in the end i decided to get a photo of the plane
isn't it sweet, now i decided to get this cos i thought my dad might like he was an aircraft engineer only then i realizrd i had no idea what sort of plane it is, Dad would be able to tell me in a heartbeat i'm sure but........
so if anyone knows can they let me know cos i'm not likely to get back to the museum in opening hours for quite awhile, unless of course i'm very late for work again and have to go to the toilet


Hazel said...

What a saga! But you definitely got a good photo for 'hang'. It's so annoying when there isn't a toilet in the expected places.

Treezah said...

is it a bi-plane?? something like i need to go to the toilet ROFL

Bobs said...

All I know, is that it's definitely a bi-plane! Had a real giggle about your toilet story! lol

Love the pic.

Linda said...

The plane is the Avro Avian which Bert Hinkler flew solo from Croydon (UK) to Darwin (AUS).

G-EBOV is on display at the Queensland museum, Brisbane so I'm guessing that where you had your bathroom break, lol!

Great piccie. :-)

Anonymous said...

hey casss
Dad would definitely have loved this photo!
I remember him taking us to mmuseums a lot. Do you remember the car museum?

I totally agree with you on the bus toilet thing. Man some of those town planners are thick!

lots of love

Susan C said...

Peter say the pic of the plane on your blog and thought it was cool. Yes it is Hinkler's Plane.

I agree with you about the loos.