Friday, 21 September 2007

please please tell me.............

why it is that I believed a smelly teenage boy that if he stayed home on the last day of school he would do all the washing cos he has no clothes to take to Melbourne cos i haven't washed them (i ony wash what's in the washing basket and Conor can't find it in our 2 foot by 4 foot bathroom especially since it is about 3 feet round - Ok so i exagerate it wouldn't fit in the bathroom with these dimensions BUT the point is it's really really big and the bathroom is really really small and Conor can't see it argh)

but i digress

ok Conor decides to stay home today to get the washing done so do i.......
a) get home to all the washing neatly folded and put away?
b) is it in a lovely big pile in the living room on my chair?
c) is it still hanging out taking advantage of this lovely sunshine? or
d) is it even in the washing machine?

OK it was in the washing machine but since he only washed his clothes Conor didn't find the comic i put in the washing basket as a special treat for him for staying home and doing all the washing LOL

so yet again Conor will go to his father's and they will think that i never buy him clothes because he hasn't packed any because they are on the floor in his room
so they will buy him heaps of clothes so that they too can lie on the floor in his room argh!


Michelle B said...

*Snork** Boys! Conor your bad!

Susan C said...

Think about it like this - if his dad buys him clothes then it will save you money.

Anonymous said...

i would pack the smelly dirty ones and te33 the0 t6 get c6n6r t6 wash the0 d6wn there. after all if step mum is grumpy, it can't change much
he he he

bek said...

oh wow i just realised that my pc is annonymous this is aunty bek
I wrote the above and the number lock thing was on!!! hahahahaha

Chrissy said...

LOL oh Cass love that gave me a giggle and a half. Thankyou! *grin*

Sue Nicholson said...

DS is nearly 15 and I really get this. lol :D

As already said, let his Dad buy his clothes and save you money !