Sunday, 21 October 2007

bad blogger

sorry everyone
i have been a very bad blogger but the 3 hrs traveling to work everyday is doing my head in.
Thank god it's only for another 4 week and then we move back to West End AND i have next week off, a whole week, well almost i have to go in on Tuesday but only cos i'm such a control freak argh

so i wanted to share my self portrait with you, i took this photo at Byron a feww weeks back but it's just so funny - i look like such a wild woman, comes form not brusshing my hair for 2 days and then it was quite windy LOL
not the most flattering photo of me........


Bambi said...

we've all had our bad windy day hairs (^_^) nevertheless, it's still a nice shot.

Diana said...

Great to see you Cass. So sorry to hear of your sister and hope you manage to raise the money to send her for her operation. Thinking of you
Love Di

Anonymous said...

A fab self portrait Cass... it's lovely and natural :D
Cor don't know how you travel 3hrs to work everyday, that would drive me nuts too!!