Tuesday, 9 October 2007


this one was easy lol
i wanted to share my gorgeous little teacup, saucer and plate set my mum gave me oooh about 26 years ago 'sigh',
we found this gorgeous little set at a garage sale when we were living in New Zealand with my Grandma in Wellington, Mum and Grandma loved going to garage sales and most weekends would find us out and about searching for stuff (never can have enough stuff)
anyway when we were leaving to come back to Australia to live, we had our own Gargae sale and Mum put this little set out to sell, i was devastated not just because she was selling our stuff, but i really didn't want to come backto Astralia, i was 14 and had just had plastic surgery and really felt like i was finally fitting in after years of being teased (i looked different y'see, I had a birthmark on my face),
so i remember being really upset that Mum wanted to sell this little set ( funny how little things represent so much) so Mum being Mum and really quite wonderful saw that i was upset and gave me this little set for my glory Box ( do girls still have Glory Boxes these days)
well the end of the story is that i never got married LOL and i don't drink tea, so this beautiful teacup and saucer sit up in my cupboard for no other purpose than to make me smile everytime i see them

just a little bit of happiness i guess,


sharon said...

isn't it funny how just by looking at a belonging you can recall emotions, where you were, who you were with that type of thing..I just love your crockery, pleased you've got it.

Diana said...

that is so beautiful and a great story. It's lovely to have stuff from the past!
Cherish it!

Bobs said...

This is soooo pretty and I love the story too. How special!

Hazel said...

That's very special - certainly a little bit of happiness!

Terrie Farrell said...

What a gorgeous story an such a gorgeous set...love the flower on the handle. X

Charli said...

What a lovely story Cass, and a beautiful set x

Ruth said...

Love your story and the photo is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing that with us.

heike said...

I used to love to go to garage sales, these days I'm running from one sport to the next. :(
Your teacup set is so adorable and so is the story behind it.
Hope you're well. :)

Susan C said...

Its a beautiful teaset from an age where having afternoon tea was the done thing.