Thursday, 15 November 2007


woo hoo i have found a solution to my MSHS dilemma, i haven't had time to do this lately due to traveling to and from the temporary office, so i decided to do the photos in my luncha hour. This serves too purposes

1. i get to do my photos which i loved being a part of and

2. i have to stop work and have a break even if it is for only 5 mins

the downside is i have to find things to take photos of at work and i have limited soft ware on my computer so have to rely on my photo taking skills but hey i'm joining in.

So without further ado here is Collect..........

it seems i'm developing quite a little collection of these little express post tags


Casey said...

Interesting take. Its funny how little things like these collect in drawers, pockets and such. :)

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shot...I have little things like this in my drawer at work.

Angela said...

Good for you managing to squeeze in hsms. Love your little collection :-)

Susan C said...

Sounds like my twist tie collection. Great take on the topic (and you really do need to stop for a little bit at work).