Tuesday, 13 November 2007

way tooo much information

here i am i'm back,
sorry i just haven't found the time to blog what with having to go to the other side of town for work sigh
plus i've been sick
i had a wee too much to drink on Melbourne cup, added to the truly dodgy food at the venue, i have ended up with a very bad case of food poisoning, was in pain for 5 days and thought "it'll just go away" uh uh Monday morning it hurt so bad and i was startin too feel very unwell so Mum made me go to the doctor and it turns out i have a Listeria infection in my intestines
which is so gross and really painful so have spent the past 2 days at home watching bad daytime TV and sleeping and i'm on these kick arse antibiotics
so it's back to work for me tomorrow sigh


Chrissy said...

Oh no Cass! I had no idea! Are you feeling better now lovey? You poor darlin!!

Hugs, big ones!

Susan C said...

Oh boy, thats not nice. Glad you are feeling better now. 2 days of bad daytime TV is enough to cure anything (well most things :-) )