Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing day

and while it didn't feature any boxes, (really should look up the origins of that word!) and here's the meaning , it did feature painting, hammering and nailing.

we have a spare room under the house and we have been slowly getting it ready for Conor to use as a hang out like the basement room on that 70's show, although i am hoping that no dope smoking occurs in there. We've moved the old lounge suite down there and a rug, at the moment we are painting one of the walls for the home theatre. here's a photo i took earlier today as we were hammering the ceiling boards in place

so the room is a pretty decent size and Conor is pretty excited to have it all to himself, Mum's given him a microwave so he can make popcorn, we have plans to get a small fridge but will probably just wait and see what comes up on freecycle.

i have been busy today working on my little Christmas album, I decided to do one after seeing Ali Edwards one. i love her's and mine is starting to look kind of good too, i'll share soon i just have to print out a photo then i'll have a few completed pages to show you


Susan C said...

Its great that you're giving Conner some space to call his own. Fingers crossed that a fridge comes your way soon.

Chrissy said...

I can just imagine how big that grin of his is with all the new renos Cass!!!

Beka said...

Go the 70's show basement room! How cool is that?
What a brilliant idea!
I bet Conor is loving it!

I love the new years photo of you two!
love bek