Thursday, 31 May 2007

Agnes the Agouti

In a forest far away there were a group of animals that were all friends. Everyday after they got up, they would go and have a drink before going to work. They loved their job because each day they helped the forest to live. All the bees pollinated the flowers while the birds would spread seeds to grow little plants.

The most important job in the whole forest went to Agnes, the agouti. Every single day she would chew through the rock-hard shell of the Brazil Nut Tree to get the seeds inside and plant them so more of the Brazil nut’s could grow and the people could sell them.
But one day Nicole the fawn came and pushed all the animals around. She was mean to everyone especially to Agnes. But Agnes kept working and ignoring it until she couldn’t anymore. Then she packed up her house and left the forest with her friend the orchard bee.

They walked and buzzed along for three weeks opening seeds and pollinating flowers along the way, until eventually they found some other animals that would accept them for who they were. They stayed there for a while and met a gopher named George. Agnes and George got along very well and Agnes invited George over for dinner all the time. George loved Agnes’s salad and roasted nuts so much that he asked her to stay with him in the new forest

Meanwhile the animals and people at the old forest were poor and hungry without the nuts from the Brazil nut tree. But none of the animals could open up the shell. Lots of animals tried, first the birds tried dropping it from really high up but that did nothing, next the snakes tried crushing it but they just got really tired.
They really needed Agnes to chew through the nuts. But they didn’t know how to find Agnes. One day one of the animals saw a path of flowers and nutshells. He followed the path until he found another little colony of animals and in that colony he found Agnes and her friend the orchard bee.
He begged Agnes to come back but Agnes didn’t want to be teased by Nicole anymore, so the animal, named Arthur, made a deal that they would all stand up to Nicole if Agnes came back, she agreed.

When Agnes, George and the orchard bee arrived back at the old forest Nicole started being mean to them but all the other animals told her to stop being mean to them and their friends. Nicole said she would stop if she could still stay in the forest, everyone agreed and went to bed.
The next day they all got up and did their jobs. The bees pollinated the flowers while the birds spread the seeds to grow little plants. Every thing was back to normal and the forest grew beautiful again.
i want to share with you all Conors story he wrote, it's very sweet. He had to write and illustrate a childrens book for an English assignment and here it is........

Agnes the Agouti


Saturday, 26 May 2007

I'm back

who knew it's been nearly 2 whole months - bad blogger

well just a quick post to share a LO as i have so many things to blog about i have no chance of catching up EVER

so here's a lo i did today tfl