Friday, 27 July 2007

here again

well hello cyber world
i'm back after a very hectec month but i did manage to get back online before the month ended
it's been pretty stressful at work but have had great support from the company i work for and a whole day with Virginia, Christine and Beryl at the scrap heap
what more do you need to relax
i've also decided after all this time that it's ok to link LOL
so if you want to link me go for it

and here's a lo i did this week, i've been getting a bit of scrapping done cos i've been home with this terrible flu

so here's me about 39 years ago with my cousin Sharon whoops i thought it was jackie but it's Sharon
this is aJune aussle from the Scrap Heap
but i added some random chippies for the monthly challenges:

Sunday, 1 July 2007

another month gone

i can't beleive how fast this month went
way too much to tell you baout all at once though
will try and update with Lo's hey how about that LOL

anyway here's one form Paperarts, photo by the gorgeous Chrissy

i made the skirt in i'm wearing in this photo the title Toile is sort of a play on words as toile / twirl
toile is what dressmakers/ Tailors call a prototype of a design
i almost called this LO little Lotta as i look quite big in this photo
this also doubled as a daily challenge how bad am i
the one with the journal in an interesting pattern - the doodling is actually the journaling it reads:

My twirling skirt! I made this skirt out of an old dress that i loved but didn't really suit me anymore. Now its really fun to wear my twirling butterfly skirt!

i lost all my photos from March which was really sad, but thankfully Chrissy had taken some at paperarts so i was still able to scrap some of these woo hoo.
thanks so much Chrissy

now for everyone else go and save your photos now