Friday, 31 August 2007

busy week

Mon 27-8-07
so tired, what a day, i've been getting up early on Mondays so i can drop Conor at School by 7.30am for band practise, i do beleive this is a totally ridiculous hour to do band practise with sleepy kids BUT who am i to argue

So i was at work by 7.30 am what fun, the only bonus being that it is lovely and quiet at this time in the office and i can get a lot done.

I can't wait for tomorrow Malu will be back form New Zealand and Conor and I are spending the day with her before she goes back to Brazil for good this time - so sad

HSMS photo for today was Sun

here is the gorgeous sun setting on the cliffs at Kangaroo Point.
Love the beautiful golden glow the cliffs get at this time of the day.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

last birthday EVER

It's my birthday!!! and i am


so i figure if i never have another birthday i will stay 39 FOREVER lol, well that's the theory

we had a fantastic afternoon yesterday so much food and a great time was had by me and i think everyone else

I got lots of pressies will share a photo later

i only have 3 photos cos i didn't take any i was way too busy but Courtney, Malu and Amael had their cameras so i will get photos off them all tomorrow when i go to work

but i do have 2 photos to share ok may be 3

this one is the gorgeous cake Conor made me it's a chocolate Hedwig, served with RED jelly, Gianni pointed out that this cake was quite disturbing especially as we were eating him poor old Hedwig!

but didn't Conor do a fantastic job and he tasted so good!

then i have to share this photo for Chrissy

Guess who i got to have a cuddle of Chrissy?

can you guess?

Can you?






yep it's Asha!!

and Michelle i'm so mad i don't seem to have the photo of the 2 of us in our matching outfits LOL

did someone else take it oh i hope so
So that's it no more birthdays oh but i do hope i still get pressies!!

Sunday, 12 August 2007


we met this fella at Australia Zoo last weekend, i wonder how well these Ellies can see with their tiny eyes on either side of their enormous heads


this was a hard one, since we are in a drought in Brisbane and have no water, i looked into my back yard and everything was dead, even the grass is no longer there, the only thing that seems to be blooming in this drought are the weeds BUT i did manage to find this little bromiliad that Conor is growing woo hoo ( at least i think it's a bromiliad LOL)

My space her space

well i've decided to take up the My Space Her space challenge so here's my first post

I'm a bit behind but wanted to share my fist photo

Conor and i see this cat every morning on our way to the bus stop, Conor loves her/him we don't know!

so when the challenge came to do FAT i thought this would be a great photo and not one of me LOL

i'll catch up with the rest of the photos today

have a good one!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Australia Zoo

So on Sunday Conor and I finally took Malu to Australia Zoo, it was fantastic!
I was the first time i had been as well so we had a great time, i was really impressed with the Zoo, and really think if you get the opportunity you should go it was so awesome

so i thought i would share a few piccies that we took, Malu and i actually took 200 photos between us so quite a lot of scrapping there i think, but i will only share some of my favourites

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

for Chrissy

only because you asked so nicely LOL

Here i am going blond, here i am on Sunday in my new blond do, be nice