Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing day

and while it didn't feature any boxes, (really should look up the origins of that word!) and here's the meaning , it did feature painting, hammering and nailing.

we have a spare room under the house and we have been slowly getting it ready for Conor to use as a hang out like the basement room on that 70's show, although i am hoping that no dope smoking occurs in there. We've moved the old lounge suite down there and a rug, at the moment we are painting one of the walls for the home theatre. here's a photo i took earlier today as we were hammering the ceiling boards in place

so the room is a pretty decent size and Conor is pretty excited to have it all to himself, Mum's given him a microwave so he can make popcorn, we have plans to get a small fridge but will probably just wait and see what comes up on freecycle.

i have been busy today working on my little Christmas album, I decided to do one after seeing Ali Edwards one. i love her's and mine is starting to look kind of good too, i'll share soon i just have to print out a photo then i'll have a few completed pages to show you

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Christmas past

a very old photo of my brother, sister and me at a Christmas party my Dad's girlfriend Kay took us too at the Lenin's hotel in Brisbane.

Thursday, 13 December 2007


Things have quietened down and we have moved into our new offices in West End, so life is getting much better and i've decided to get back into my photos on Her space My Space , so with the you are not behind just jump in where you are principle here is my photo for today.
The prompt for today is laces, so i get to show off my new corset that i bought last Friday night. It cost a small fortune but i love it to bits, it's just so pretty and feminine. i bought it from a shop in the city called Sex Kitten they have the most divine garments check it out.