Tuesday, 22 January 2008

first aid, wrinkles and wardrobes

I'm excited to be trying to keep up with my photo challenges so am trying to join in at her space my space again, 'sigh' i know i'm very bad at this but today i decided to schedule a time in each day to do it so here I am it's 8pm and I had a quick check for the prompt and woo hoo it's an easy one for me:

Today I started my third First Aid course at Queensland Ambulance, yet again I'm the office First Aider, but everyone is under strict instructions not to need any first aid during work hours, as I really don't want to have to save them, but I will if I have too!
It wasn't too bad, I think that every course I do I get a little better at making bandages and CPR, although it would help if they stopped changing the rules.

And while I'm here doing the blogging thing I wanted to share with you my photo for Jan 3 prompt which was white:

This is the fantastic wardrobe Conor and Mum found for me, after months of living in this house without a wardrobe, I had had enough and challenged Conor and Mum to find me a wardrobe for $100 and it had to be white to match my bedroom. And they did, they found it in an Op shop for $39 and then they painted it! Inside and Out how lucky am I! and I love it, it is so nice to have my clothes hanging and away instead of on the laundry rack thingy I had. Aren't they both so clever and my Mum who knows me so well insisted on finishing all the painting and getting it ready for me to use because I would just put it downstairs and wait till I got some 'time' to do it yeah right it would sit there for a very long time while I scrapped!


Chrissy said...

Woohoo on the cupboard love! How sweet are they hey! :-) Had to laugh, I've been cleanign and sorting clothese cupboards here for more than a week, finally done too! Yay!

Totally random and OT.... LOL... but did you leave a message on our answering machine sweetie? I couldn't recognise the voice and thought *maybe* it was you?????

maz said...

Hey Cass great minds think alike!

Rachael said...

Great take on todays word. They may be ugly but they taste good. x

Bambi said...

that's a lot of wrinkles (^_^)

Louise said...

great idea for wrinkle

Susan C said...

Great wrinkle and very delicious.

etteY said...

great shot!!