Thursday, 3 January 2008

photo a day

so i'm back at work ugh
just a quick post to upload my photo a day for this year so:
here's Monday night or New Years Eve:

so a very Happy New Year to you all, Conor and I had a very quiet New Years Eve, i finished off my challenges for Aussie with minutes to spare and Conor and i just hung out, we toasted the New Year with apple and Berry juice LOL and went to bed not long after.
Tuesday or New Years Day
this is what we did all day:
and it's so hard! so much sky!
the weather in Brisbane has been wet and rainy, perfect days for hanging out at home and just doing not much at all, we watched a couple of DVD's but mainly just hung out
Wednesday January 2
and i'm back at work, i left Conor at home lying on the couch watching the telly - so not fair
i snapped this photo on the way home yesterday, i thought it looked really pretty
and then there's today and i'm sitting here all alone in the office, everyone has gone home early, so i thought i'd take the opportunity to take a photo of my desk
so this is where i sit, how messy is this desk LOL can you see my new pink diary i love it so much, so have a great night everyone.


Susan C said...

It is nice weather to stay inside and 'chill out' but it kinda sucks when you have to go to work (as you obviously do) in the wet. Great photos.

Chrissy said...

Your pink diary sounds ultra C U T E Cassie love, that piccy of you both on NYE makes me smile too, such a happy snap!

lisa :) said...

hello gorgeous people! great photo of you two... and what a fabulous idea turning that room into a chill out zone :) ps... i've hear pot smoking is no good for you ;)