Wednesday, 12 March 2008

floods in Cairns

An overflowing of a large amount of liquid. Find a 'flood' in your space today.

Freshwater Creek, Cairns
look at that water!

  • I remember the wet season in Cairns,

  • i remember school being cancelled because the water was so high

  • i remember driving through the streets of Cairns with Dad in the old holden, he was never worried about driving in the floods

  • i remember a cyclone off Cairns, that we woke up too, when we were skiing on the tablelands with Steve when we lived in Buchan street

  • i remember the ski club guys had to hold mum's gemini on the bridge crossing the little mulgrave, cos it was so light it started floating off down the river

  • i remember later that day we got back to Cairns and decided to go water skiing down the inlet because there was nothing to do

  • i remember the sea snake that curled itself around Dawn's ski when she threw it in to the water, she waited a little while and jumped in after it and went for a ski

  • i remember swimming in the flood waters at the creek on the way to redlynch

  • i remember getting a call from David that we would still be opeing at Playpen one night in the midst of a cyclone

  • i remember playing cards with Ross later that night in the midst of a cyclone

  • i remember taped windows

  • i remember not long after we moved to Brisbane in 1995 when it rained and rained, Bek had not long had her license and was driving all over doing supply teaching and i was so worried about her

  • i remember the train tracks being washed out and getting stuck in Mackay with Dad on the train, one little sleeper, one adult and 3 kids - we had to fly back to Cairns and Mum in a tiny plane


Rach said...

WOW that is a lot of water - glad that we don't get floods where I live.

etteY said...

scary! reminds of the place we used to live :(

Bambi said...

wow! i've experienced this myself just last year, we got stuck in the water and had to be towed out. it damaged our engine and had to have it replaced (-_-)

Diana said...

Woo Hoo that is a big flood! I have never experienced this although South Africa ha had some big floods too.
Love Di

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Blimey! I wouldn't want to be out in that!

maz said...

Great post. Wonderful memories and helluva flood pic.

Zoe said...

Now that's a flood! Love the cycle lane sign in the middle of it! :) :)