Sunday, 23 March 2008

midnight visitor

ok so it wasn't midnight, early evening actually when we had one of these guys crawling across the front lawn.

There are a couple of international students in our street and we saw them following this guy (nicknamed Todd by Conor) down the street with the torch. By the time I got hold of the snake man we had quite a congregation outside our house. It was all very exciting but the snake man said he'd rather not, and not to hurt the snake (he was very worried i was going to hurt it) but if we leave it alone it'll just go away! All 7 feet of him, so to our neighbours dismay who are still sleeping with their windows closed i beleive, we let Todd crawl off into the bushes beside our house. We haven't seen him again but we keep a close eye on Haggy when he's in the backyard in case Todd thinks of having him for dinner.


jacqui jones said...
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jacqui jones said...

eeek your brave

Tess said...

i love snakes!! this one is a beauty!! i think you should keep Haggie inside, i would hate him to end up as cornflakes!!!

Chrissy said...

Ohhhh yikes honey!! Snakes are about the only creature I'm none too fond of I'll admit (oh and cockroaches LOL), especially having lived in the country for so many years and trying to keep them outta my house!!

Chrissy x