Friday, 27 June 2008

Conor's injury!

It Doesn't look like much, does it?
Warning Gross picture following!but here it is without the bandage, you can see right down into the Subcutaneous fat/tissue ugh!

Conor cut his arm open on the hook (where you put your bag) on the toliet door in the Myer toilets on Saturday afternoon ( we were shopping for enormous shoes for his feet) so we spent about an hour in Myer while they first aided him and then we had to go to the doctor as they thought he'd need stitches
it was very deep and we could see his Subcantaneous fats (how clever am i to remember that word although i'm sure i spelt it wrong)
poor little bunny or big one as he is very tall, came out of the toilets in tears (it's been a long time since i've seen him like that)

but no stitches ( much to Conor's dismay, he thought stitches would be cooler!) the Doctor used Glue instead


Igotmebabe said...

Ouch that looks so painful, hope it is starting to heal

Chrissy said...

Oh dear, our poor boy! Is it better now love?