Tuesday, 7 October 2008

it's been so long

Oh My Goodness!
I haven't posted since August, very bad am I
just a couple of photo posts from MSHS, to get back in the swing of things, as i am going to start Ali Edwards week in the life of Challenge today. I'm going to do from now, yep right this minute till 12pm next Tuesday and see how i go LOL

should make for interesting reading (not)

so some photos
first up is my Show off Sunday, i took this photo when we were staying on the Gold Coast for Sharon's wedding, i loved the photo iit turned out so well but i also just wanted to jump right on that ship and go wherever it was going!

next up is my Someone's Portrait Saturday!
I'm so proud of this photo i took of Sharon, i had to zoom right in on her face as i was sitting about 3 rows back, so i had to zoom through elbow, shoulders and arms to get this one but i did and the phot turned out beautifully
last of all is my waiting shot! here is Conor at the bus stop on Saturday wating for the bus yet again! i have to stop getting Conor to look up the bus time table as he invariably looks up the wrong day, however this time he got it right the bus was just 1/2 an hour late incredibly

i'll be back tomorrow with my first 24 hrs of photos i hope see you then!

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