Sunday, 7 December 2008

Dec 7

Todays photo is of our little book haul we made today at Big W and Borders. I'm afraid we quite badly broke our rule of not buying books today. It's not that we have anything against buying books, we just love them to much and we have no room for the books we already have without adding to our collection. So the rule is we can't buy books, we have to get them from the library. Hopefully these should keep Conor busy for the rest of the week, although he has already finshed one of them 'sigh'!
A run down of this weeks reading:
  • Obernewtyn Isabelle Carmody - as soon as i saw this in Big W, i knew i had to buy it, i love this series so much and have already read the 6 books (i'm hanging out for the final installment). I had already decide to break my rule earlier this month and buy this series so when i saw it at Big W for $14.95, i had to have it, and i'm hoping 'conor will read these books too they are just so beautiful.

  • Rangers Apprentice: the Kings of Clonmel John Flanagan - one for Conor, i haven't read these so son't know anything about them except they seenm to be one of the latest series of books Conor is reading. No doubt now that we own one of these, i will probably read it, when I am desperately searching for something to read one night.

  • Necropolis: Welcome to the City of the Dead Athony Horowitz - and another for Conor, and again i know nothing about this series, the cover looks good though a very scary skull.

  • Artemis Fowl : the Graphic Novel Eoin Colfer - how we love Artemis Fowl, conor and I, we've read them all and Conor wanted to get this one for his little brother Kade for Christmas. As it's in comic style he thought it would be a fun way to introduce Kade to the Fairies and worlds of Artemis Fowl. However Conor also had another motive LOL and managed to read this little book this afternoon. (I'm just hoping I have enough time to read it before he wraps it as well.

  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard JK Rowling - well we had to buy this, we have every other Harry Potter book, although i have to say i'm quite relieved Harry's not in this one, as i really am rather tired of him.

  • Bon Appetit - not really a book at all, but a diary for me for 2009. i had to have this, i love this style of drawing, i have no idea what it's called (maybe Adam could help). As always with a new diary i can't wait to start puttin things in it and hopefully getting organised for next year.
So that's them all, and what a huge monologue i wonder how many of you made it this far.
Sleep well.

Dec 1

A couple of catch up photos for Tracey C's Challenge.
2 Photos from Dec 1 , On Monday Bel and I came home to a fantastic surprise, Conor had gone mad and cleaned the house! And he wasn't finished there, he mowed the front lawn for me as well! Even though it was getting dark, so i had to take a photo for Tracey's challenge of my gorgeous lovely boy. Thanks so much babe!

I also managed to finish my christmas cards for the Christms card swap, i can't beleive how far behind i am in all my projects this year. So here they are......
please excuse the photo but i have ns photoediting software on my little laptop, Conor has said he'll put some on for me tomorrow.

I cheated a bit with the design for my cards, I signed up for the Jingle Bells series of classes over at Kim Archer Workshops at Home. I loved all the little projects and can't wait to do them all. I uploaded a heap of photos to snapfish today so i can finish another little project this week.

I've also been trying to catch up on my IT stuff at The Scrap Heap, but with the terrible week last week, i felt like i was in a losing battle. Hopefully this week will be different and everything will be completed.