Sunday, 17 May 2009

Home Day

It's getting a little chilly around her in the mornings, living in a Qld'er with no insulation to speak of will do that. The polished wooden floors are so cold on our tootsies in the mornings. But alas it is not quite cold enough to light the fire yet. Conor is modeling the very beautiful dressing gown he made a couple of years ago, so warm and snuggly. (please ignore the messy nature of our front room, the curtains are a Work in progress as i try to figure just how exactly i am going to use htat beautiful fabric
next up is me, this is my little breaky possie on the weekends, i sit and catch up on all my emails and drink my coffee ( ialmost didn't put this in as i look truly dreadful but i have been fighting with this cold for 4 weeks now and i will NOT give in)
This is my little crafting possie, well part of it, i could show you the rest but you would all run screaming from the room as it really is such a mess. also a sneak peak of an unfinished Layout for this weekend's newsletter.
And just to prove i actually do clean and don't just leave the vacuum cleaner lying around pretending that i do clean, here i am cleaning the windows, i do have to say though that i was overcome by the fumes of the bleach so was able to only finish one window.
Browning the chicken and mushrooms ready to go in the slowcooker for dinner, we had a Chicken Meditteranean casserole, V. yummy!
Conor mowing our mammoth back yard, this a neverending battle as our yard is so big and we have to mow every weekend to keep it up, because of the rains this summer, now i'm not complaining about the rain, i just think that a lovely concrete truck would fix this yard once and for all.
Part of my weekend ritual is to watch and throw away once and for all the old videos we have cluttering our TV cabinet, this one had a wonderful episode of Parkky on it that made us laugh and laugh. Rage was also on and i tried to introduce Conor to the wonders of Led Zepilin and Pink Floyd, he was totally unimpresse, "kids these days"!
For most of the Weekend Conor can be found in this possy, playing his Nintendo DS, or on the lappy, but he tells that the battery had gone flat at this time, so he had to survive with only one electronic device, it's a hard enough life!
These 2 photos of Hagrid were taken within the space of about 10 minutes. Here he sits quite placid while we watch telly, i think we were watching parky at the time, the next thing we know we here grawling and rough housing coming form my room, we were a little concerned i can tell you. So we race in to my room to find that the tissue box had attacked Haggy. hagrid being the big fierce guard dog that he is ripped into that tissue box and dealt with it most severely. ( we are'nt sure exactly what the killer tissue box was trying to do to Hagrid but we are convinced it was something terrible) ps so sorry for the photo being on the side blogger will not behave and i don't know how to make this the right way up:(
And finally Dessert, super easy and takes 2.5 minutes in the microwave and it was v. yummy. all you have to do is core the apple and stuff it with a mixture of mixed fruit ( we used sultanas), brown sugar and allspice, we ate them with a dollop of cream and they were really good, but next time i make them i think i'llput them in the microwave for 3 minutes they may just be a little more soft.
Not long after dessert i heard my book calling me so it was off to bed for me.
that's all folks, there isn't any more!

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Chrissy said...

Love all your piccies Cass, I *still* haven't seen the "new" place LOL we must have a little get together one day soon hey... :) :) Oh yeah, and update will ya!! LOL