Monday, 4 May 2009

Off to the Fair on Sunday

Conor kept me company at the Stitches and Craft Fair which was just as well AS it was so disappointing a very bizarre set up and not so many exhibitors. In fact i went through the whole fair in under 2 hours, there was just nothing new and exciting. Nothing that grabbed me and made me want to pull out my sewing machine.
There was also very few people there, i guess maybe because of the Financial downturn who knows.
so this is my haul, i had so much trouble finding stuff to buy, i so hope the next fairs are better.
and some LO's that i can share:
This one is of the ANZAC service this year at Yeronga, Stephens RSL put on the service each year and they get a really great turn out. Conor has participated every year since he started high school as part of the Yeronga school band. I am so proud of his commitment and dedication to this very special day. And I know my Dad would also be very proud as well.

This one i love to bits, on Thursday last week my first Ruby St Designs package came and i love it to bits so gorgeous so much yummy stuff, i can't wait to get more of these adorable little packages. The Scrap Heap Challenge for the newsletter was to do a LO of my Dream Holiday, well i really struggled to think of just one place but who can go past Paris!


Susan C said...

I hear you about the craft show. Like you we spent 2 hours and about $20 (mostly on supplies for a project) and went over to the city for lunch and walk around. Still it was nice to be able to get in to some booths without having to sharpen your elbows.

Chrissy said...

Kinda glad in a way I couldn't make it, I was looking forward to going but sounds like I didn't miss much anyways.... I *loved* your Je T'aime LO so much too Cass. :)