Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dust storm!

So it wasn't as bad as it was in Sydney, but oh my! i woke up at 8 am to news that a dust storm would be hitting Brisbane at around lunch time today. I kept an eye out as i was really curious to see what it would look like, i also shut all the windows and took an anti histamine as well just in case. So the top photo I took at about 11.30 am and the second photo was taken 10 mins later, as you can see there is quite an orange tinge to the sky and very hazy.
I had a bit of sneezing and definately felt stuffed up in the head so i ended up wearing a mask for most of the day. I even braved the outdoors at one stage, I was out of bread and milk and chocolate worst of all, so I did a quick dash to the Service station to stock up.

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