Sunday, 27 December 2009

Chocolate pancakes with Wildberry ice cream and Christmas Cooking

We finally had our traditional Christmas Breakfast today, albeit a little late. We didn't get to have breakfast on Christmas Day as I was still busy finishing off Christmas presents. I can't even remember what we ate for breakfast on Christmas day. So today we had Chocolate pancakes with wild-berry ice cream for breakfast! It was very good.
I also thought I'd take a chance to share our Christmas cooking. I had many plans for Cooking special Christmas dishes but ran out of time, i was so busy luckily Conor took over. He is such an awesome cook and did fantastic jobs of all the cooking we had planned. I did manage to get these little guys done, and I was so happy with how they turned out love them they are just too cute. The idea came from Elle's Studio Blog , The recipe was from one on the Tarisota blog by Mel Goodsell and the little tag came form The Scrap Heap.

Last year Mum and I had Christmas lunch at Rydges at Southbank and we had these gorgeous little Salmon Mousse's for a starter, I wanted to recreate them but had trouble finding a recipe until Christmas Eve when I spied one in the December Women's Weekly. Conor made the mousse on Christmas morning such a sweetie, (even though he hates salmon ), I also didn't have time to get the Salmon Roe, which was disappointing the mousse tasted great but would have been even better with the roe, maybe next year.
Conor also glazed the Ham this year on Christmas Eve, it was wonderful, he used a Maple syrup glaze and it tasted so good. We had some for dinner on Christmas Eve as well, with potato salad, an awesome dinner.
For his finale, Conor made this amazing ice cream cake requested by Bek, it was icecream layered with gluten free biscuits and cherries, topped with sprinkles of flake, the recipe for this came from the Dec Super Food ideas magazine, it tasted so good, and was gluten free as well so everyone could eat it.

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