Thursday, 31 December 2009

Christmas Day catch up - It's all about Jerry and some Bek

I thought I'd put up some photos of Jerry and Bek, just in case any of the Fitzgibbons are reading today.

Still trying to catch up on my Christmas posts, Photos of Jerry and Bek at Christmas this year. We all got together at Bek and Jerry's for Christmas this year and woo hoo they have air conditioning, so we all had a lovely if somewhat cool day. The photo above is taken at lunch, Jerry got a new hat for Christmas from Bek!

We were running out of room at the table cos we had such awesome food, so we had to sit the ham on a stool next to Jerry, he looks a little besotted here. ( i forgot to mention that Jerry did some fantastic cooking on Christmas day, he and Adam did the Turkey and I'm pretty sure that the potatoes were all done by Jerry and they tasted awesome and even better there were enough for everyone to have at least 1/2 a kilo each.

And another photo of Bek and Jerry in their Christmas finery, Jerry gave Bek the sweet little dress.

A close up of Jerry in his Christmas hat, and yay his eyes are open, not sure how many photos I had to take on the day to get Jerry to keep his eyes open.

See here is a photo of Jerry trying to keep his eyes open for the photo too funny. Mum got Conor and Jerry one of these each, so next time you see them both, they will probably be rolly polly, I am currently searching for low fat do nut recipes for them both so if you find some send them on thru.
And the last one is for the Canada contingent, I think if I remember correctly Al may have had something to do with this one.
Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy New Year!


Edel said...

Jer, Bek - you look great. Missed you this year folks :o( Christmas hasnt been the same! Hope you're having a fab one. x

Georgie Withers said...

there is nothing that smacks more loudly of a cussack / fitzgibbon invention than ham on a stool !!!!

you all look wonderfully well, i can indeed tell the ac was going strong :)

all is well with me - just back from hamilton island with the mother and sister. lovely part of the world and now all i want to do is drive a golf buggy all day long (you probably know that what everyone drives on the island - complete with their 'resort' wear - gotta love queensland!)

have a happy new year. love to you all and look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

love georgie xxxooo