Friday, 21 August 2009

Haggy and Day 2 of our holiday

So Hagrid was very happy to see us when we got back form our Holiday, however I don't beleive he missed us very much as he was with Mum and Bek and all the other dogs, so he was very busy!
Mum and Bek were quite impressed with Haggy while we were away and think he is a very funny do altogether.
Unfortunately Mum forgot to drop off Hagrid's girlfriend when she brought Hagrid home and he has been very sad about this all week and has been missing his girlfriend so much. For those of you that don't know Hagrid's girlfriend is a pillow Mum made us many years ago, he is quite attached to her. Here is a photo of Hagrid without his little friend it's very sad.
Also Prayers today for my little sister who is having Surgery on her bile ducts. Hopefully it will give her some relief from the terrible jaundice that she has had for the last few months.

Day 2 of our Holiday
We woke up quite late, Aunty Leslie let us sleep in! not so much as NZ is 2 hours ahead it was still only 8am but definately time to get up. We were off to go shopping at Botany and meet Rochelle and the kids for lunch. Of course we had to take Mister!
First up we had to get Conor a haircut as the bob wasn't working for him. Conor was very mad at me for letting him have a bad haircut! I'm not exactly sure how this was my fault but!!!
Luckily he managed to explain himself to the girl who cut his hair and it turned out fine, although I'm sure Aunty Leslie wondered why we even bothered as he really didn't have much cut off.

Finally we met up with Rochelle and Jake and Maddy, we had a lovely brunch, sitting outside in the rain and the wind, (reminded me of the weather when i was living in NZ). But we couldn't go inside because we couldn't leave Mister outside. So we all huddled together and giggled!
We had a lovely morning wandering around with Rochelle and the kids and even had more coffee and cake, while Conor and Maddy went to the Lolly shop.

Monday, 17 August 2009

day at home resting!

So today Conor and I spent a very restful day at home, Conor seems to have the flu and spent most of the day in bed, poor little bunny! He couldn't do any study because he only stops sneezing when he's sleeping or reading!!! I did another 3 loads of washing and worked on some Layouts for the newsletter. I also had my Nana nap again this afternoon, not sure how I am going to get back into the whole work thing, when i finally do find a job.

And I have started sorting through and editing my photos from the cruise/holiday we have just been on, which i am sure some of you are just dying to see LOL.

More tomorrow!! maybe!!