Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dressing table (22/09/09)

So Flylady zone cleaning today was the dressing table in the bedroom, and woo hoo look at mine, so spotless and shiny. I feel so good each time I see this! and it's definitely made me want to do the rest of my room so fingers crossed.
So many things on this table make me smile, so i thought I'd give you a little run down:
  • The little angels behind the lamp, were given to me I think by Bek, when I was a teenager, they are so sweet and I love them heaps
  • there's a little lady bird keepsake box nest to that, that I was given as a child also
  • Then there's some gorgeous little trinket eggs that Beka gave me again for Christmas in the last few years
  • next is a gorgeous butterfly one again I can't remember who gave this to me
  • The next one is beautiful and holds all my hair ties, Alana gave me this one year for my birthday
  • in the front is my beautiful Lamp this is one of a pair Mum gave me, the other one got broken in December 2008 when Hagrid and Clementine were fighting under my bed, they ended up knocking the lamp off my table and it hit me on the head - very silly puppies!

Dust storm!

So it wasn't as bad as it was in Sydney, but oh my! i woke up at 8 am to news that a dust storm would be hitting Brisbane at around lunch time today. I kept an eye out as i was really curious to see what it would look like, i also shut all the windows and took an anti histamine as well just in case. So the top photo I took at about 11.30 am and the second photo was taken 10 mins later, as you can see there is quite an orange tinge to the sky and very hazy.
I had a bit of sneezing and definately felt stuffed up in the head so i ended up wearing a mask for most of the day. I even braved the outdoors at one stage, I was out of bread and milk and chocolate worst of all, so I did a quick dash to the Service station to stock up.