Tuesday, 12 October 2010

11.10.2010 5 things

1. We finally cut Hagrid's nails, OMG what a drama, i think he thinks we're cutting off his foot, he struggles so much.  But at least he'll stop falling over on the polished floors now. He's also had a haircut doesn't he look fine? 2. Conor is sick, he has a cold and his asthma is playing up
3. I missed the pharmacy it closed early, which is very frustrating, But Sue to the rescue!  Sue (Our freiendly Neighbourhood Pharmacist) bought home some ventolin for Conor just in case!
4. Conor cooked Yummy Beef Stroganoff (from Master Chef) for dinner, I am so spoilt! either that or he doesn't like my cooking.
5. It's still raining! i have no clean, dry clothes, in fact i have given up on drying clothes! I am bringing in the washing damp and ironing it and putting it away, it seems to be working, well sort of.