Monday, 8 October 2012

My week in Photos

Running a bit behind...

Monday 1 October

Where I stand:
I spent many hours today staring at the pieces of Conor's Bed, trying to work out how may coats of stain I had to do and then of course how many coats of Varnish. I was hoping to finish this weekend but I decided that it needed one more coat. Which means another week for Conor sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

Tuesday 2 October

lunchtime most days I can be found here, wandering around the Myer centre. I have always loved hanging out at the Myer centre ever since I moved to Brisbane 18 years ago. My favourite places are her especially Lincraft, its a wonderland of crafting for me to escape to everyday.

Wednesday 3 October

This happened today...
What a prompt for such a normal day, nothing much at all happened, I did have to get a replacement security card for work (sigh)

Thursday 4 October

What I read...
So is it what I read or what I read? Whichever, it is the same thing. This week I'm reading my homespun magazines,  I love the quotes and all the little editorial type writings at the beginning of each project.

Friday 5 October

My very liberal interpretation of today's prompt. A Mother Koala and little baby Koala, relaxing in the shadows provided by the shadow/shade on a hot autumn day. I love this photo, it's so beautiful - the Mother koala is caressing her little baby just like we do.

Saturday 6 October
I'm Thankful for...
While I am thankful for lots of deep and meaningful things such as living in a peaceful country etc.. Today I was just so thankful to finally finish Conor's bed, it has been a huge job, but it looks great and Conor is very happy to finally have his bed back.

Sunday 7 October

There are 2 of these little lights in my room, one on either side of the window above my bed, I haven't decided if I like them or not yet, they are on a dimmer which is good, but they are not very bright which is frustrating for those nights I want to sit in bed stitching while watching telly.
Mum bought me the little fairy for Mother's day, I think she looks adorable watching over me while I sleep.

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