Monday, 8 October 2012

My week in Photos

Running a bit behind...

Monday 1 October

Where I stand:
I spent many hours today staring at the pieces of Conor's Bed, trying to work out how may coats of stain I had to do and then of course how many coats of Varnish. I was hoping to finish this weekend but I decided that it needed one more coat. Which means another week for Conor sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

Tuesday 2 October

lunchtime most days I can be found here, wandering around the Myer centre. I have always loved hanging out at the Myer centre ever since I moved to Brisbane 18 years ago. My favourite places are her especially Lincraft, its a wonderland of crafting for me to escape to everyday.

Wednesday 3 October

This happened today...
What a prompt for such a normal day, nothing much at all happened, I did have to get a replacement security card for work (sigh)

Thursday 4 October

What I read...
So is it what I read or what I read? Whichever, it is the same thing. This week I'm reading my homespun magazines,  I love the quotes and all the little editorial type writings at the beginning of each project.

Friday 5 October

My very liberal interpretation of today's prompt. A Mother Koala and little baby Koala, relaxing in the shadows provided by the shadow/shade on a hot autumn day. I love this photo, it's so beautiful - the Mother koala is caressing her little baby just like we do.

Saturday 6 October
I'm Thankful for...
While I am thankful for lots of deep and meaningful things such as living in a peaceful country etc.. Today I was just so thankful to finally finish Conor's bed, it has been a huge job, but it looks great and Conor is very happy to finally have his bed back.

Sunday 7 October

There are 2 of these little lights in my room, one on either side of the window above my bed, I haven't decided if I like them or not yet, they are on a dimmer which is good, but they are not very bright which is frustrating for those nights I want to sit in bed stitching while watching telly.
Mum bought me the little fairy for Mother's day, I think she looks adorable watching over me while I sleep.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Friday - it was all about the Kangaroos....

One of our team from Mozambique came to Australia for a workshop this week.  He was stuck in meetings all week and saw little of Brisbane other than the inside of our offices. Thursday afternoon one of my colleagues Yvonne and I decided to take him to Lone Pine on Friday.
I was so excited to go and could hardly wait on Friday morning and I admit to nagging Yvonne a little at work with - 'Are you ready?  When can we go? I'm ready to go, when you are?" 
So lunchtime on Friday saw us at Lone Pine in Brisbane so Armando could see Aussie Animals.

Here is Armando before we went in to see the wonders of the Australian bush.

I think we forget just how lucky we are to have some of these animals in Australia and to live in this beautiful country.  And I do know that Kangaroos are pests but to see how excited Armando was to spend time with the Kangaroos was so exciting for me and I loved seeing them as well.

Armando took so many photos and I can't wait to get copies of them, for now though you will have to make do with the photos taken on my phone.
After making our rounds of Lone Pine checking out the very sleepy Koalas, except at lunch time and boy were they excited for fresh leaves. 

We were also really lucky to here the Kookaburra laugh.

We made it to the gift shop, where Armando picked out as many Kangaroo themed souvenirs for his family as he could carry and asked me to book a business class seat for the big buck Kangaroo we saw so he could take him back to Mozambique.  I had visions of Armando sitting in Qantas business class next to a Kangaroo, and me explaining to the company that yes it was a business expense, it really made me smile.

Yvonne dropped us at the ferry terminal at Toowong and Armando and I caught the ferry back to the city. I'm not sure if this was for Armando or me, I do love the ferry and am known for taking everyone on it when they come to Brisbane, I just find it so magical.  But I think he enjoyed it, we went and had a look at University of Queensland which Armando was interested in and he loved looking at the riverside houses, little boxes on the hillside. Coming from a third world country he was also amazed at the stories of the floods in Brisbane and surprised at how devastating this could be in a first world country.

To end Armando's day of being a tourist, Conor and I took him to Mt Coot-tha lookout for dinner

Just a tiny photo borrowed from the Web, by now my phone was totally flat and Armando didn't bring his with him.
I really enjoyed my day playing tourist with Armando and seeing our beautiful city through his eyes.