Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Week 15 in Photos - Fat Mum Slim photo prompts

You can find April's Fat Mum Slim photo prompts here...

Monday 8 - on my plate:
Today on my plate was all about job hunting, I really need to find a job as I am going a little mad staying home all day. The day started off well with a call for an interview first thing this morning Yay!
Tuesday 9 - tiny:
Tiny servings of ice cream every once in awhile doesn't hurt!

Wednesday 10 - a place
Hagrid's place on the couch close to me each night while I stitch, knit, crochet or generally craft.
Thursday 11 - detail
A close up of the detail in my sweet little Christmas pillow embroidery, I love the red work but I can't help wonder how this would look with applique and stitching.

Friday 12 - in the middle
The middle of today found me lying on the couch watching Poiret with Mum after a nasty virus attack. And here is the man himself standing between Hastings and the Inspector, the photo was taken of my TV so it hasn't come out the best :(

Saturday 13 - view from your bed
This is the view from my bed, my work in progress inspiration wall, so many gorgeous things I love on my little wall:
  • My little stitchery signifying my obsession with craft. 
  • Gramma in New Zealand's (as Conor always called her) beautiful mirror, 
  • My little canvas I did of  my beautiful sister Bek and I, this was a tutorial on Quilt Fabric Delights by Mel Goodsell 
  • My gorgeous craft sign from Typo signifying another obsession with stationary
  • A gorgeous little Owl necklace mum bought me on one of her trips to Melbourne 
  • The C is for Cassie, Conor and Cusack, or as one little girl called us the 'C' family
  • My 'roundtoit', which every crafter should have, my mum made me this one based on one my Gramma in NZ always had in her kitchen
  • And my little friendship canvas from Sue Luu for my birthday last year
Sunday 14 - water
It didn't rain today, such a change, so I was really struggling to come up with a photo, when I came across these muddy footprints on the bathroom floor; water + dirt makes mud

I hope you enjoy this little peak into me!

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