Friday, 30 August 2013

/what I made in July

Wow how late is this post!

And another month is over for 2013 and even though I worked for 2 weeks this month I still managed to finish a few projects. 7 in all. I also taught myself some new crochet stitches with U tubes help of course, helped Conor with the Gazebo (well i did hand him some bricks) worked on both of my spotlight projects and even completed a layout.
So to see July's projects read on...

Spotlight textured rug progress
I have actually started stitching my little textured squares together, and they are coming together well. They are still a bit of a mish mash because I am using wool from my stash. Since I have also inherited Nana Muller and Bek's bits and pieces of wool, I am trying to use these up as well. But I am trying to choose muted tones and so far it seems to be working.

Mum's bed jacket

Mum bought the fabric for this little jacket way back in May I think, and I finally got around to sewing it for her before winter ended. Initially she wanted some warm pants out if it but she decided on a little bed jacket and luckily I had the perfect pattern for it. (i still have to do my review of that pattern)
I was a little bit nervous to see if Mum liked it because it was shorter than I thought she wanted and the slaves were elbow length, Well it turned out that she loved it, and thought it was perfect! And that the sleeves were the perfect length for sitting in bed reading and wearing around the house. Yay !

Conor paved the Gazeebo
Conor paved Mum's Gazeebo and he did a fantastic job. I went along to help tell him what to do but he really didn't need any help, he had it all under control, So I was really only there for company and because Mum made me coffee and raisin toast so yummy! 

star burst square
The July 4 photo prompt over on fat mum slim was red white and blue and I had nothing. nada zip zulch so I decided to make a little crochet star burst square as I have been wanting to try this for ages. At first I felt a little daunted because I really only know one crochet stitch but thank goodness for u tube. I got it sorted, and this is the result. its a little uneven as I managed to make a mistake early on that  I didn't pick up till I had finished and since I didn't want to start again....

pincushion Zakka style
on the pond Bom progress
2 dragons
strawberry semi freddo
kitty cat
many many rye masks

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