Sunday, 3 March 2013

365 Projects!!!!

Do you think I can do it?

I have decided to set myself a little challenge for the year starting March 1, 365 projects. yep that's 1 a day.
Probably easy peasy at the moment because I'm not working but what will happen when I get a job? Will I be able to keep it up? I am only going to set myself two rules; One some part of the project has to be from my stash. The project could be as big as a quilt or as small as a quilt block and all manner of in betweens, it could even be part of my mending stash or even a UFO. My Second rule is that it must be finished, anyone that knows me will know how much of a challenge this will be! ha ha!
I will post each project here on my blog and probably on Instagram/Facebook.  I am not promising to post every day but if I get too far behind you have to start pestering me.
If anyone wants to join me clearing out their stash making one project a day let me know, we could set up a flicker group! But for now it's just me.

So here are my first 3 projects:

Project 1 - March 1
My first project was simple and quick Block 3 for the Spotlight Quiltalong, you can find all the details here on the Spotlight Facebook page. I loved the fabrics Spotlight used but because I'm not that confident with my piecing I used bits and pieces from my stash which is going to make for an interesting quilt to say the least. Particularly as my blocks seem to get smaller each week, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but if I border all the little blocks at the end and cut them the same size I should be able to put them together? (one would hope).
From my Stash - all the fabrics Yay! The white was left over form Conor's Cot set - 20 years old! ( can you believe it); the light pink is offcuts from a fitted sheet I made myself about 15 years ago and the other bits and pieces were all offcuts from other projects.

Project 2 - March 2

I am so in love with my little house pouch, this is a project from Zakka Style, a gorgeous little book that you can buy at Can Do Books It would make the perfect gift for a little girl, but at the moment I couldn't bear to part with it, I haven't yet found a use for it but for now it just sits on my bedside table making me happy.
From my stash - again all the bits and pieces were form my stash yay! Even the buttons were from my scrapbooking stash. There's also a special piece of Lace from my gorgeous Nana Muller's craft stash, I love that I get to play with all the yummy bits and pieces Nana hoarded over the years.

Project 3 - March 3

Conor bought himself a diary for Uni and wasn't happy with the cover it was ugly, so he asked me to make him a Cover for his diary. I was so excited Conor rarely asks me to make him things these days. He wanted it to be simple, no pen pocket or pocket for anything, so here it is made form the gorgeous Owl fabric we bought years ago that Conor loved, he also has a laptop/I pad cover made out of this fabric.
From my stash -  well the fabric was actually from Conor's stash but the lining which you can't see was from mine, I only had to buy a little bit of Pellon to do this project. Here's a photo of the inside so you can get the idea of how it works.

So are you with me, are you going to clean out your stash by making one project a day, I know a few of you out there who could join me! Without mentioning names :).

Do you think I can do it?