Friday, 5 December 2014

On men, love and dating.

I know this is supposed to be a happy craft blog but....

Last night I found out the guy I've been seeing has been living with some one for the last few months. 

I'm ok, I feel hurt of course. But mainly I feel like a dick.

I feel stupid because I bought all the lies he told me. That he was studying and could I wait till December when he had more time.  And then there were the stories about the custody dispute, he didn't get to see his daughter, that made me feel sad for him. He was very good at these lies.

But what really pissed me off is that I feel stupid.  Like I should have worked it.  But I'm here to ask you how? How the hell should I have known? I'm a kind, generous and trusting person. Is that a fault? Should I be suspicious of every man I meet?  This is what my friends tell me, even the men. One guy at work today told me that men will just say anything to get what they want.  This guy is a highly paid professional manager. wtf!

So I stalked him on Facebook and I found out everything was a lie. And worse his partner seems sweet, and I feel so sad for her. I sent her a message to tell her, but I've deleted it.  I do think she has a right to know, but I don't want to get involved in some messy domestic. Cop out?

So I'm not going to feel stupid, that I trusted him and believed in him. That is who I am and I like the person I am. I'm not going to change (well I may be a little more cautious). And I'm not going to feel stupid for being lied to anymore. 

And I'm not going to treat every man I meet with distrust and suspicion, I've met some really wonderful men in my life(I just haven't dated them). Afterall my brother and my son are both lovey men that I respect and trust. And I have cousins and uncles that I absolutely adore.

I'm going to be thankful I found out what sort of person he is, before I married him ha ha.
And I'm going to embrace the person I am, dry my tears and quite possibly ask out the gorgeous guy that I used to work with.

So the reason for this post what would you do?
Would you have told his partner?
Would you give up on men all together?
Or just use them as sex toys lol?

I'd really like to hear what you think.
Oh and the guy, well he's pretending to have no idea who I am... He's such a dick!