Friday, 12 May 2017

Bag Making

I'm not a big bag user. I've never been one to buy a lot of bags and switch them out depending on the outfit of the day. I tend to find one I love and then use it till it falls to pieces before starting the search for another one. Which is why I was surprised last year to find that I really love making bags.

This year I signed up to Voodoo Rabbit Sew Bags club so that I could really learn the ins and outs of bag making and conquer piping once and for all.
The first bag was this little Cutie,  the Day Bag by Nicole M Design.

I made my bag out of a Brocade which was challenging  and the interfacing for the bag really didn't stick all that well. But as I couldn't find the fabric I had set aside for this one at the time, I just grabbed something I thought would work. It turned out pretty well and came together really easily and I love it. I use this little bag every day. It's the perfect size for my Necessary Clutch wallet, My keys and my phone.
I wish I had popped a little zip pocket inside this one and I may still do that, I will definitely be adding it to my next one. As I have found the fabric I originally wanted to use for this bag, another one of these is on the project list.
But considering that the brocade was just a last minute thought, I'm really happy with it and what I thought would be my tester has become my everyday bag. The black and silver brocade goes well with just about everything.

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